Sebastián Bruque

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Sebastián Bruque is a full professor at the Departament of Management, Marketing and Sociology, University of Jaén. Sebastián Bruque has been developing teaching activities primarily at the University of Jaén.

He has also been teaching Technology Management and International Management courses in 10 universities in Europe, the Americas and Asia (i.e. Glasgow Caledonian University, UK; Demonfort University, UK; Radboud-Nijmegen University, The Netherlands; Chitkara University, India; Maribor and Ljubljana Universities, Slovenia).

He has been carrying out research in the fields of International Management and Technology Management, yielding research results in top International Journals such as the Journal of Management Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Cleaner Production, Technovation, Computers in Industry, Management Decision, Industrial Management & Data Systems, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, International Journal of Human Resources Management and The International Journal of Logistics Management.

He has being acting as the Vice-President for Internationalization, University of Jaén, from 2015 onwards and President of the Internationalization Group of the Spanish University Association -CRUE- from 2019 onwards. He has been acting as an external advisor for several international organizations such as EACEA-European Commission.