Quality policy statement and Quality Management Manual

Quality policy statement

ECBE has committed itself to quality, defined as the continuous development and improvement of its activities in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of higher education and the professional education training in accordance with the ESG. The purpose is to support higher education Institutions and professional training organisations to develop outstanding, innovative programmes which will help students to develop skills, knowledge and experience in order to succeed in today’s dynamic global economy.

Quality is the value on which ECBE’s activities are based.

In line with ECBE's Mission and Vision and the objectives of ECBE, a Strategic Plan which refers to the period 2017-2021, results in the following main strategic objectives:

  • Enhancing ECBE’s reputation
  • Strengthening the quality culture and re-organization of the quality system Strengthening ECBE’s professional work
  • Continuous research

ECBE has adopted a formal quality policy for its activities, which describes the main building blocks of quality assuring activities and internal quality mechanisms, contributing to the achievement of the quality objectives.

Quality Management Manual

The current version of ECBE's Quality Management Manual has been approved by the Board of Directors on September 7th, 2020; you can download it below.


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