Following consultation in 2022, ECBE published its new Strategic Plan 2022-25 ‘A Global Agency with a European Approach’. This plan includes a slightly revised mission and vision, emphasising its focus as a quality assurance agency. ECBE also outlines five strategic priorities:

    1. An international and internationally recognised agency
    2. Industry and Student Orientated
    3. Programme Focussed
    4. Engaged Membership
    5. Effective Knowledge Exchange

As part of this work ECBE will be building more international partnerships, growing its membership, reviewing its standards and processes to make them more accessible and effective, engaging a wider range of stakeholders (including employers) and drastically expanding its knowledge exchange services, including a new Webinar Series that will launch at the start of the 2023/24 academic year. The culmination of which will be greater European recognition.

You can download the plan by clicking the image below.

Strategy 2022 25