ECBE announces Lucien Bollaert as the keynote speaker for the Conference 2023, "Raising Standards"

Diary 01Lucien Bollaert, International QA expert, Ghent University

Keynote 2: Beyond the ESG - Perspectives on Changing Standards

Lucien Bollaert is independent international QA expert and visiting professor on QA systems. Currently he is member of the Quality Education Board of Ghent
University assessing programmes with a new IQA system he helped to develop as well as the next one, and involved in its European University Alliance, ENLIGHT.
He is also member of the Flemish Higher Education Commission, member of the Portuguese A3ES Science Council, and leading IQA expert in the World Bank project on reforming QA in Uzbekistan.

Recently he was member of the institutional review teams for the Irish QQI, being a former member of its Policy and Strategy Committee, for HEA, and for Louvain University mid-term review. He is the author of an inspiring best-seller, “A Manual for IQA in HE - Looking for a new quality in HE in a new world” (EURASHE: Brussels, 2019, 2nd edition) and of peer- re-viewed articles. In 2020 he was co-author of the “Guide for effective Stakeholders’ Involvement in Quality Assurance”. He is a keynote speaker on QA, Quality Culture, Strategy and Governance of HEIs, LOs and QFs at yearly international conferences such as EQAF, of which he is a co-founder, and the Eurasian QA Forum. After being member of the ESG (2005) E4 group, he became vice-chair of EQAR’s Register Committee (2008-2016). 

He was board member of the NVAO, ECA, AEQES and EQ-Arts. He has been on technical assistance Missions in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Tunisia and Ukraine. He was also member of EQF 1st expert committee.

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