ECBE announces Asnate Kažoka as the keynote speaker for the Conference 2023, "Raising Standards"

Diary 01Asnate Kažoka, Head of Development and International Cooperation Unit, Academic Information Centre (AIC), Latvia

Keynote 1: Institutional and Programmatic Standards

Asnate Kažoka currently serves as the Head of Development and International Cooperation Unit for the Latvian Quality Agency for Higher Education which is the national body responsible for quality assurance in higher education in Latvia. She has been involved in development and revision of all assessment guidelines and methodologies used by the agency. Her previous experience includes a position at the Quality Management and Audit Department of the University of Latvia where she was responsible for developing and maintaining internal quality management system of the university. She has been involved in higher education policy discussions on the national and European level and acted as national Bologna expert. She serves as external expert for a number of quality assurance agencies in Europe and has performed programme, cluster and institutional reviews. She also cooperates with the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and performs reviews of quality assurance agencies.

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