Martin Janacek

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As a graduate of FBE MENDELU in the field of System engineering and informatics, Martin Janacek went through several positions, starting as a Marketing manager of MJ servis, a translation, graphic and printing business, and going through several different positions, including Project management for the Czech Vaurien Association, and joined SAP in 2001. Here he worked in several roles and positions, e.g. Software Developer, Internal Auditor, Internal Coach. In addition to his current Managing Director role he was appointed Vice President in May 2020.

Martin Janacek represents employers in the BoD of ECBE, which he joined in September 2020. He brings the necessary insights from business practice, which ECBE needs to maintain relevance of the study programmes’ assessment.

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Martin Janacek

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Most important position

Managing Director and Vice-President of SAP Labs Czech


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Director (voting) [co-opted] 15/12/2020 04/12/2021
Director (voting) 04/12/2021 AGM 2024