Thematic Analysis Publications

Purpose of the thematic analysis

Thematic analyses provide information on the state of quality by individual quality variables. The thematic analysis also provides general and specific information of ECBE evaluation practices, that is, the characteristics of the reports from review teams, and on internal evaluation practices at institutions as evidenced in their self-evaluation reports.

In addition to informing the public about quality, thematic analyses also serve as a basis for the development of higher education policies, regulations and guidelines in the field of quality assessment with an emphasis on the field of education in economics, business, management and related fields. Thematic analyses in general also provide information to educational institutions to compare the quality of their educational, research and self-evaluation practices.

Cooperation with stakeholders and Dissemination of results

Shareholders can participate in thematic analyses as initiators for the content composition of specific thematic analyses. They can comment on the results of the thematic analysis, that is published at the ECBE website as the research report and they can address suggestions to the agency on further thematic analyses topics.

Thematic analyses results are presented to the Annual General Meeting of ECBE. Thematic analyses are performed cyclic every 3 years, and presented as a supplement to ECBE annual report.


The last Thematic Analysis Report was presented by Prof. Dr. Polona Tominc, ECBE's Director of Accreditation,  at the 2019 Annual Conference in Brussels, and is available for download for Registered Website Users.