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Cristi Popescu is an Economics Informatics student at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He is involved in the student movement at national and international level since 2013, where he held different positions in representing his peers, from being the president of national student organization in Romania (ANOSR) to being an Executive Committee member of The European Students Union (ESU). During this time, he was involved in various activities related to higher education policies and projects, with a focus on quality assurance. He was part of numerous external review panels in Romania, both at institutional and programme level, where he included the student perspective in the outcomes and recommendations. Cristi was also involved in the QA governance in Romania as a member of the board and decisional council of the national QA agency. Since 2016, he also work as a Business Intelligence Consultant at one of the biggest IT companies worldwide, where he has the chance to understand and analyze different business performances and trends. This gives him a wider understanding on the transversal skills higher education should equip students with and what is the role of universities in society as a whole.

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