Ray Hilditch

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Ray Hilditch has over 40 years experience in teaching and administration in international business education. A Scot by birth (and temperament!), he has lived and worked mostly in London but travelled on academic business and lectured in over 80 countries.

He served on the Board of ECBE for over 20 years and has extensive experience of British, European and American accreditation practices. As Provost at Huron University in London from 1992 to 2010, he had responsibility for all aspects of administration, including finance and student recruitment as well as quality assurance.

In recent years, Ray has devoted his attention to alumni relations and fundraising for Richmond American University in London, where he began his career in 1979. He is also an external examiner in economics at several other British universities. In "semi-retirement" he is, he says, open to other consultancy opportunities!



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Ray Hilditch

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Most important academic position

 Emeritus Professor of Economics and Strategy


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Director (voting)

26/05/2012 23/05/2015
Director (voting) 23/05/2015 27/05/2017
Director (voting) [co-opted] 27/05/2017 26/05/2018
Director (voting) [co-opted] 26/05/2018 31/08/2018



President 27/05/2017 26/05/2018
President 26/05/2018 31/08/2018
Member of the Committee of Appeal [co-opted] 22/10/2019 15/12/2020

Member of the Committee of Appeal [co-opted]



Member of the Committee of Appeal 04/12/2021 AGM 2024
When "26/05/2012" is mentioned as a starting date of a mandate, it means that the officer was appointed at the start of the Agency. The Agency took the form of an "aisbl" (international non-profit) at that date. Most probably, the officer served already earlier at the previous ECBE, but this information is currently not published.