Pool of Reviewers (PoR)

The Reviewers

The Reviewers’ activities shall be based on the following principles:

A Review Team is composed of a Senior Reviewer acting as Chairperson of the Review Team (CoRT), and the necessary Reviewers or Senior Reviewers. The total number of reviewers depends on the case and shall be defined by the Bye-laws.
Their task is to perform the site visit of the Member seeking accreditation. The information in Member’s SER will be checked, necessary additional research can be carried out, and the Review Team will make a detailed Review Report about their findings.
The final version of the Review Report, together with all relevant evidence, will be submitted to the CoC.
The Review Teams are appointed by CoR; team members are selected from the PoR. The members of the Review Team cannot have a conflict of interest with the Member seeking accreditation.

Reviewers and Senior Reviewers are appointed by the BoD. All together, they form the Pool of Reviewers (PoR).
Details of the process of Reviewers’, Senior Reviewers’ and Chairperson of the Reviewers’ nomination are ruled by the Bye-Laws.

Reviewers and Senior Reviewers are normally appointed for 3 years. Student Reviewers get a mandate of 1year, or are appointed per case.

All can be reappointed.

The Chair of the Pool of Reviewers:

The Senior Reviewers elect between them a chairperson, also called “Chairperson of the Reviewers” (CoR).
The Chairperson of the Reviewers (CoR) organizes the work of the Reviewers.

His/her duties and responsibilities:

The CoR reports to the BoD.
The CoR is ex-officio a non-voting member of the BoD.

Currently, the Pool of Reviewers is chaired by Prof. Dr. Jan Lojda

Following officers are appointed as Senior Reviewers:

GaikNalbandyan 120

Following officers are appointed as Reviewers:

DarjaBorsic 120Veronika Machová 120

Following officers are appointed as Student Reviewers:

ElizavetaGrebenyuk 120AshleyWhitfield 120

Following officers are appointed as Student Reviewers for a specific case (in cooperation with ESU):

These officers are member of the Quality Assurance Pool of the European Students' Union, and appointed in close cooperation with ESU's management.

Previous PoR mandates:



When "26/05/2012" is mentioned as a starting date of a mandate, it means that the officer was appointed at the start of the Agency. The Agency took the form of an "aisbl" (international non-profit) at that date.
Most probably, the officer served already earlier at the previous ECBE, but this information is currently not published.