Jude Gideon

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Gideon Jude is an Accreditation expert in Girne American University (GAU). He has coordinated various accreditation site visits and has authored/co-authored several accreditation reports and studies. Aside his accreditation duties in GAU, he is responsible for the initiation and supervision of International partnerships/collaborations of the university and also coordinates Student mobility programs with collaborating institutions around the world.
Additionally, Gideon serves as an Academic Reviewer for the European Council of Business Education (ECBE) since 2018.
The penchant to contribute to educational excellence and inventive learning spurs him to becoming a lecturer at the Law Faculty of Girne American University with a class size of more than 60 students from different countries around the world.

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Jude Gideon

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Most important academic position

Accreditation and International Membership Coordinator, Girne American University (GAU)


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01/02/2019 31/01/2022
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