The Board of Directors (BoD)

The BoD wields the broadest authority in the administration, management, and representation of the Agency. The responsibilities of the BoD include, inter alia to:

The BoD is a collegiate body accountable to the AGM. The BoD is composed of five to seven Voting members (*) elected by the AGM or co-opted. One of them should be a representative from industry, having no conflict of interest with any Member of the Agency.

Each Voting Member of the Agency can deliver only one voting member for the BoD.

The current BoD consists of 7 voting members:

Dmitry KuzinSerhatAkpinar2 120MartinJanacek 120Vacancy 120

Following officers are ex-officio non-voting members of the BoD:

MatthewKitching 120JanLojda 120Vacancy 120

Previous BoD mandates:

(*): The BoD decided to invite a respresentative of students to attend the meetings as a (non-voting) observer.
When critical and/or confidential issues are discussed, the observer can be requested to leave the BoD meeting.
This function became obsolete due to the new Statutes (April 2021); from that moment onwards, the representative of students is a full, voting member of the Board.

When "26/05/2012" is mentioned as a starting date of a mandate, it means that the officer was appointed at the start of the Agency. The Agency took the form of an "aisbl" (international non-profit) at that date.
Most probably, the officer served already earlier at the previous ECBE, but this information is currently not published.