In Memoriam of Roberta Grossi

RobertaGrossi 400

On May 16th, 2021, Prof. Dr. Roberta Grossi passed away.

Dr. Roberta Grossi is founder and President of Horizons University in Paris. Her dream was to bring quality education to as many people as possible affordable tuition. This is why HU is a non-profit institute with the tagline “education for everyone everywhere”. The project started as a consequence of my activity as an international consultant in 168 multinationals in 48 countries in the 5 continents and teaching in 18 universities in 12 countries. She has been training  thousands of people in multinationals companies, from entry-level to CEOs in the fields of leadership, negotiation, sales, conflict resolution, change management, cross-cultural communication, influencing skills, teambuilding creativity. Dr. Grossi realized soon that there was an increasing gap between the fast evolving needs in companies and the slow development of new programs in universities and their delivery mode. HU has been the first online university in France and has gained reputation over the years thanks to its focus on education and flexibility.

Roberta was a very busy woman.
She didn't fullfil a lot of assignments for ECBE, but her presence during the Annual General Meetings was always overwhelming.

We will miss her deeply.


A more detailed overview of Roberta's carreer can be found here.