The accreditation process

Benefits of accreditation Accreditation and reaccreditation process Decision by BoC

Appeal procedure Annual Programme Report Accreditation Timeline


Decision by the Board of Commissioners

Based on the Review Report, the Institution’s SER and all additional documentation provided by the Institution and the Review Team, ECBE’s Board of Commissioners:

After the expiry of the deadline referred to in the second indent of the first paragraph above, the ECBE shall again (second time) make an evaluation (site visit), on the basis of which it shall extend the accreditation to the study program for a period of 5 years, if no major deficiencies or inconsistencies in achieving standards have been identified. If these are identified, ECBE’s BoC:

After the expiration of the deadline referred to in the preceding paragraph, the ECBE shall carry out an evaluation for the third time, on the basis of which it may:

The decision about accreditation, as taken by the BoC, is communicated to the ECBE Member – applicant with the “Decision letter” by the ECBE Director of Accreditation.