Accreditation cases

Following accreditation visits are planned or have been executed.
The list only contains visits after November 1st, 2018.
Click on the name of a reviewer to see more information, and to download his/her resume.

Date (start visit) Institution Country CoRT (*) Reviewers Status (*) Report and decision
06/12/2020 Swiss School of Higher Education Switzerland     Planned  
22/04/2020 Siberian Federal University-IMBPE Russia     Planned  
19/04/2020 Siberian Federal University
Institute of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies (IEMES)
Russia     Planned  
12/04/2020 Middle East College Sultanate of Oman     Planned  
08/03/2020 Moscow International University Russia     Planned  
23/02/2020 AMA International University Bahrain Bahrain     Planned  
14/02/2020 European Center of International Hotel Management France     Planned  
09/02/2020 Horizons University France     Planned  
26/01/2020 Tiffin University USA     Planned  
12/01/2020 Alma Mater Europea Slovenia     Planned  
08/12/2019 Higher School of Business, Southern Federal University Russia     Planned  
05/11/2019 Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, International Business School Russia     Planned  
14/07/2019 United International Business Schools Switzerland     Stage 1  
21/04/2019 Castelldefels School of Social Sciences Status Spain     Postponed  
07/04/2019 Alfred Nobel University Ukraine Johnson Khostaria, Kitching Visit finalized Details and decision
24/03/2019 San Martin de Porres University Peru Lojda WhiteNalbandyan, Cordoba Visit finalized Details and decision
10/03/2019 International Business School The Hague Netherlands Johnson Kureshov, Jelcova Visit finalized Details and decision
27/01/2019 University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business Slovenia Rietbroek Lodja, Anisimova, Kitching Visit finalized Details and decision
27/01/2019 Institute of Technology and Business Czech Republic Johnson Haan, Davut, Jelcova Visit finalized Details and decision
09/12/2018 London American City College UAE Kureshov Rietbroek, Johnson, Kitching Visit finalized Details and decision
11/11/2018 Mendel University Czech Republic Johnson Kureshov, Rietbroek, Jelcova Visit finalized Details and decision


CoTR: Chair of Review Team
BoC: Board of Commissioners
DoA: Director of Accreditation

Status can be:

  • Planned: The Review Visit is planned by ECBE's DoA
  • Confirmed: The Review Visit date is confirmed by the Member institution
  • Stage1: Stage 1 - documents are received
  • Postponed: the Review Visit is postponed to an unknown date
  • Cancelled: the Review Visit is cancelled
  • Visit finalized: the Review Visit has taken place; the final report will be send to the BoC
  • Decision BoC available: The BoC has taken a decision, and it is communicated to the institution by the DoA


ECBE's 2019 Conference


Digital transformations
in Business Education
Brussels, May 24th - May 25th, 2019

Pre conference seminar:
ENQA Registration and ECBE 2.0:
Future Oriented Accreditation
in a Global Perspective
Brussels, May 23rd, 2019

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ENQA registration process

  • 14/05/2019: ECBE submits the application for EQAR registration
  • 15/04/2019: ENQA and ECBE agree on the full membership time-line; contract is signed
  • 14/01/2019: The General Meetings in Brussels approve the new Statutes
  • 27/12/2018: The BoD sends out answers on the questions and remarks from Members regarding the new Statutes
  • 04/12/2018: The BoD convokes the Special and Extraordinary General Meetings to discuss and agree upon the new Statutes 
  • 30/11/2018: The BoD agreed on the new Statutes of the Agency, in line with ENQA regulations

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Important decisions

  • 02/05/2019: The BoD approves the Bye-Laws, version 2.0.
  • 02/05/2019: The BoD approves the Stage0 procedure about Membership of Members with programmes notified for accreditation.
  • 02/05/2019: The BoD welcomes Prof. Marc Van Gastel, Belgium, as the key-note speaker at the Annual Conference.
  • 02/05/2019: The BoD confirms the status of Member with Programmes Notified for Accreditation of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.
  • 05/04/2019: The BoD approved the Bye-Laws, version 1.0.
  • 01/04/2019: The BoD approves the membership of the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia.

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