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Criteria & Process

ECBE’s accreditation is an independent, voluntary self-regulatory system for business programmes. Through the process of accreditation, institutions and training organisations have their programmes evaluated.

There are two types of accreditation:

  • Accreditation of business and management programmes within universities, including online and blended learning programmes, and
  • Accreditation of tuition which takes place off campus such as in-house company training programmes and work-based learning.

The accreditation of an academic programme or an entire institution normally involves the following stages:

Stages 1, 2 & 3

  • The administration, faculty, staff and students of the institution or academic business programme carry out a self-evaluation by following a detailed guide supplied by ECBE.
  • A team of peer-evaluators, selected by ECBE’s Board of Commissioners, reviews the information from the self-evaluation, visits all campus sites, interviews administrators, faculty, staff and students and draws up a report. This report with recommendations is then submitted to the Board of Commissioners.
  • Guided by ECBE’s quality standards the Board of Commissioners reviews the evidence, the self-evaluation report and the recommendations and then take a decision concerning the award of accreditation. This decision is then transmitted to the Board of Directors of ECBE for confirmation.

The process considers all factors that can influence the quality of the education provided by an institution, including inputs; educational processes and outcomes. For members, you can download the necessary application and information forms to help you get started by logging into the Members section.

Accreditation Fees:

          Application for accreditation Euros 1000

Evaluation visit expenses:

    Fees and travel expense are estimated at Euros 2500 per expert

    Normally a visiting team is compose of 3 experts for three days.

    This represents an estimated total of Euros 7500

For company training programmes and other work-based learning, the process of accreditation is similar to the above. And as with accreditation of academic programmes and institutions, once the Board of Directors has granted ‘Accreditiation’ the institution may then publish in its prospectus/catalogue that the programme (or organisation, if appropriate) has been accredited by ECBE.