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Why Accreditation?

There are many reasons to become an accredited ECBE member. For institutions, it means that the courses and programmes accredited meet the requirements of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) as set out in the Bologna Declaration. This facilitates and encourages collaboration and joint research as well as faculty and student exchange, which will attract more and better students applying for admission. It also provides encouragement to continually improve and refine the knowledge and skills of the faculty to help keep your institution internationally competitive.

A great advantage for learners is that they find their credits are transferable across different schools, programmes and countries, making them more mobile which gives them greater life experience.

For employers, the rewards of developing a programme that is awarded accreditation status can be manifold: accredited programmes can mean the company receives international recognition and attracts better prospective employees; by helping these learners acquire valuable skills through real-life experience they are likely to be more motivated and productive which may result in improved cost-effectiveness and staff retention.


What our members say:

In 2010, Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio, USA obtained ECBE accreditation for its EMBA program in Bucharest, Romania. This accreditation for an American university operating in Europe has proven to be one of our major assets and “selling points” to potential students in Romania. We have one of the best paper editing service. In 2011, we enrolled our largest cohort ever. We know that this was due in no small measure to our ECBE affiliation. We continue to encourage other U.S. universities with overseas sites to become ECBE accredited. It is a win-win situation for the university and students!

Dr. Laura Mays
Chair, Romanian Business Programs/Professor Emeritus of Management
Tiffin University

“The re-accreditation process has many positive effects on the Faculty. It gives us a chance to review our programmes, the teaching methods and the results. It helps us to see our weaknesses and provides us with recommendations and suggestions to improve. We constantly strive to improve ourselves.”

Elif Ocal, Accreditations Coordinator, Girne American University.